Wild Gentin - Burren

We have experiences some forgotten and some not. Most to teach us and for us to learn, some to forget as we hang our head in shame.  Some to be proud of and hold our head high. But most experiences are to help us live and learn, to make mistakes and to learn, to try and to learn, to take risks and to learn.  The longer we live the more we know we have to learn.

I wrote this poem just 8 years ago but its origin rests in the late year of  1990 while on a train from East Berlin to Poland.

“Plays On My Mind”

Once long ago I met a man on a train

Travelling home after working so much in vain

Not much to show for his working day

He left his family so as to feed them by this only way

There were many of us from afar

Acting like kids full of jar

This man can’t careless that we are here

To pay for his family so dear

We gave him drink and did not cheat

Never a wild bunch did he meet

When from his bag he did offer us a sweet

They were for his love ones that he was to meet

At that moment I knew where I was

He had offered us more then he knows he does

We never took one to be so kind

Till this day this man plays on my mind

Thanks to Jan for the permission to display  her beautiful Photograph of the Wild Gentin – Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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