Even the word laughter brings a smile to my face.

Remember when you last had a good laugh? Remember when you laughed with someone and you where in a place where it was not appropriate to laugh?

During these times we might almost wet ourselves trying to hold in our laughter. Tears might run down our face and we might even get a pain in our side from laughing.

I was reminded only yesterday by a colleague when we were having an interesting discussion about working with individuals who have a very positive attitude. He said, “When you look at children playing they are always laughing and as we get older we seem to loose this sense of fun and laughter within us in the workplace. As if there is something not right with just laughing out loud.”

It reminded me of a saying I have used in the past while working with senior executive teams and that is, “Never loose the child within.”

Thank you Brendan for reminding me.

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