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February 2024


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Just Having a Coffee

I was sitting having a good old chat and a coffee when all of a sudden we heard bang bang bang bang, two seconds later another round of shots. We then started to see people running towards us and in different directions away from the sound of the shots.  My first thoughts were, a mad man with a gun was shooting people randomly on the street.  Where should we run to get away from it all?

The people in the coffee shop started to take cover and a little panic broke out.  Very close by a car raced out onto the street at high speed in a direction away from the scene.  It was only then that it dawned on us that it might be a type of gangland shooting.

Within minutes the police cars were speeding down the street past us with their sirens going and all lights flashing.  A sense of relief came over me.  We waited for a moment and then as we walked home we passed the crime scene.  I could see a car riddled with bullet holes and the young injured bodies inside the car.  Ambulances arrived to attend to the injured. The area was then cordoned off and onlookers move on.  Now as the news begins to gather and spread, I hear four wounded and one dead.

Someone’s child, someone’s brother, someone’s  sister or maybe someone’s ……???

In today’s world episodes like this seem to be a regular occurrence – and now this is yesterday’s news.

Clip by Castanet News

4 comments to Just Having a Coffee

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog and sending me some encouraging words. That was a kind and generous gesture. Just spent some time browsing around your site. I have marked it as a favorite and I look forward to reading more. As for this post, how sad. Not only do stories like this become yesterday’s news, but they are fast becoming barely today’s news.

  • Thanks Galen for your comment and adding my page to your list. Yes it is sad that our world is continually heading in the direction of daily crime killings. That makes it all the hard for individuals to try and make a difference. Keep going with your own blog as it I feel it will support many people in moving to a better life.
    Kind Regards

  • Hi Mel,
    I would have been so scared if I were around gunshots. I’m not used to being around acts of violence.
    I once rented a summer cottage in Martha’s Vinyard and one of the neighbors was beating the living daylights out of their spouse. I called the police and they arrested the husband but, I was so upset by seeing this I couldn’t sleep all night.

    I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to be around gun violence. All this violence we’re witnessing is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us as a culture. I’m not sure how exactly what this sentiment is though? Could it be we, as a society, feel so uncertain about our futures and that we lack any control or stability that we must bolster our flagging confidence with violent acts toward others? I don’t know but, it is trying to communicate something….

  • Hi Angela
    Many thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes there is something going on with all the recent riots and violence in the pasted 12 months all over the world. The event on Sunday was awful and very upsetting.
    It is said what is above shall be below and what is below shall be above. We are differently seeing a very large increase in violence in our world and a lack of respect of life and mankind. The greed and lack of leadership in businesses and governments. In my opinion they just don’t have a clue what to do. Doing more of the same will not achieve anything. If we can demonstrate and maintain positivity, respect, fairness and honesty that support ourselves and others.
    Keep up the great writing and work, stay safe and take care
    Kind Regards Mel

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