How many people felt this morning as they awoke, “Oh no, it’s only Monday?” The start of another week and the weeks are going so fast. We are into the middle of February already.

While the saying ‘time waits for nobody’ is correct – one thing we are sure of is time will keep passing. Whether you are looking forward to something new in your life, or something that you may not be happy about, one thing is for sure – the time will come and pass. The quicker we respect our time and take care not to waste it, the better we will feel.

So, from tomorrow onward, when you wake up no matter the day of the week, meet the day with excitement and joy. Tell yourself this is your day and, “Today I will have fun, laugh and bring a smile to those special in my life.”

It is your decision how you will face everyday. Certainly it is not always easy and yes life is difficult – but you have a choice and you  decide.  Have a great day – every day.

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