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The Adventures of Doc Higgins
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Poetry Just for You
Selection of Poetry composed by Mel Clifford. Additional poems kindly provided with the permission of the authors.

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April 2024


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Is the art of conversation swiped out?

Have you ever experienced when you are talking with someone that they are doing one of the following things: –

  • Reading or texting on their phone
  • Reading social media or emails while you are Skype/FaceTime with them
  • Answering emails while on a conference call or webinar?

Or two people out together for a meal or coffee, both constantly on their phones.

I was sitting in my favourite lunch spot The Little Hobo having a bowl of the Hobo Special soup,  there was a lovely young couple sitting at the table next.  Both of them were on their phones swiping up and down their screens, checking social media, texting, who knows what.

I politely asked, “is this a sign of the times?”

The response was “we live together and we are not on a date”

I smiled and said nothing more.  It was none of my business anyway.

Although, what was very noticeable, was that for the rest of their lunch they talked with each other and never once attended their phones.  Oh! There was one occasion when she went to the loo (wash room) and he reach for his phone again.  But it was good to see that when she returned he put it away.

I noticed another younger couple and she was on her phone while he was trying to talk to her. I am noticing this more and more, in shops, restaurants, coffee shops, at meetings.  Would you say this is a little disrespectful?

I feel that one should be listening and paying attention to what is happen in the now, rather than focusing on other things.

Has my attention been else where while on a Skype call, or looking at my phone at times – I’m sorry to say yes.

Don’t let the art of listening and conversation get swiped away by our technologies – pay attention and show respect for each other.  This change is in my hands and its my responsibility to make the change.

Is it all so urgent that it can’t wait a while?

What about you?

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