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I have started following the British elections purely on the fact that some weeks ago a guy named Nick Clegg mentioned “what we need around here is honesty in politics”, I thought what a contradiction.  So I watched the debate on Thursday evening between Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron along with the millions of other viewers.

I looked at the debate as an interview process selecting a leader for the job.  I was not concerned with any of the political parties they each represented.  I was amused when the presenter in the first part of the debate kept addressing the candidates as Mr Brown, Mr Cameron and Nick.  The presenter did change later to Mr Clegg.

I thought shame on you all about the immigration question, as a lot of Britain was built up on the hard work of immigrants, this was not acknowledged.  There are thousands of Britain’s living and working outside the UK contributing to other economies.  I must say there was very little reference to the word honesty from any of them.  Gordon Brown seemed to always have three things he was going to do when he addressed a question.  David Cameron seemed a lot of the time on the back foot.  Nick did address the issues well and had solutions but he was given good time to think about the answer as both Gordon and David spent most of their time having a go off each other.  Gordon Brown seemed to concentrate on David Cameron more as I did not think he really sees Nick Clegg as a challenge.  I think this was an ill advised approach.

Well based on their individual performance I think I would select Nick Clegg as Leader.  As it is now more than ever that active leadership is required to sort out the issues of Britian.

On experience – Gordon Brown has more experience but he has presided over the issues that exist today in the UK and why has he not actioned all the three things he is now going to do to address the questioned asked?

Nick – if he believes in honesty, keeps this at the forefront of dealing with current issues and faces up to the difficult issues that have to be dealt with then he could do the job – he is a new face, seems to have creative ideas.  Often having no baggage of the previous political environment is a good thing.

So Nick take your hands out of your pockets – don’t hide inside an office and be where your people are, deliver on your honesty and you get this job.

Only two more interviews to go?

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