Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Blind or What?

If you had a team of people working for you who were guilty of the following actions and who ran your business into the ground and left generations to come with an enormous debt because of their inabilities and self greed, what would you do?

Charge Sheet

  1. Totally incompetent
  2. Total lack of any accountability for their actions
  3. Total waste of financial resources
  4. Totally overpaid for the positions they hold
  5. Dishonest with their expenses and claiming for grants
  6. Major over spending and wastage on projects vs. actual budgeted cost
  7. Purchasing of equipments in excess of €53Million that would never be used and continue to cost the company just under €1M per year to store
  8. Decentralisation of the business at an enormous cost to you and then decentralisation would not take place and continue to cost the company
  9. Oversee the development of software systems that would cost over €170M and then never deliver anything.  Pay for top consultancy advise in the region of €60M to support this project and produce failure
  10. Appointment of individuals to Boards who were incompetent and who would oversee financial wastage
  11. Provide opportunities to their select few at the total expense of the majority
  12. Total mismanagement of the business and its assets
  13. Blame everyone else except themselves and their colleagues
  14. Provide large payoffs to those who were incompetent
  15. Expect it is their right to walk away scot free without any charges or being brought to justice for their actions

“Shall I go on your Honour?”

I put it to you the people what is your verdict?  “Guilty as charged your Honour”.

I ask the people –  and what will you do now? – “Nothing your Honour”

Then I say to you the people you deserve what you have got.

Because if you continue to do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got 

Change is in your hands

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