Influencing – is it a position or a skill?

Share Your Vision Not Your Comands

People are influenced by many things, in business it is often by a great vision or how others behave and act towards you.  How the leadership behave and encourage you to develop and grow within your role.  One can also be influenced by treats, fear and the use of authority or by the position someone holds.

If you hold a senior position in business my advice is to use your skills of personal influence rather than using positional power.  One day your position will be gone and so will the power you think it might hold. If you have the skill and ability to influence by your vision and good treatment of others this can never be lost.

If you can only influence others by using your positional power Рstop now and learn how to influence through better methods.  You will see that results will be more effective with greater impact for all.

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