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April 2024


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Individuals Matter

Listen and LearnIt is only a few more days till Thursday 6th May when the British Elections will take place.  I still hold the opinion that Nick Clegg would make a good Leader.  But like Gordon Brown sometimes you have to act on what is right as against listening to all those spin doctors and election assistance.  Last week when Gillian Duffy appeared on the world media due to a remark made by Gordon Brown he was quick to apologise and make the decision to meet her as an individual in her home.  Well Done Gordon we need more politicians that admit their mistakes.  We could certainly do with some in Ireland.

I recently send Nick Clegg some blog post and I got the following response below which I have only taken a short piece of it here as the rest was standard election stuff.  I certainly don’t expect to see him at my front door.  But with the technology available today Nick you might of asked his person on his behalf to insert the point I wrote about in the email at least then I might of thought they read it.

Dear Mr. Clifford,

Many thanks for your email to the Liberal Democrats.  Nick has asked me to reply on his behalf.

It’s really kind of you to take the time to send us your thoughts about this issue.  Please do rest assured that all your comments have been taken on board.

At this election, we believe the British people desperately need a new approach to politics. etc etc

I would say that this is a standard reply to all emails for example the line “time to send us your thoughts about this issue”. What issue are you talking about?  I bet you don’t even know what issue I wrote about.  But I am happy that it will be taken on board as the Donegal Catch advert goes “They are putting my issue in a filling cabinet” 

Well Nick if you are going to make a difference as I said before don’t sit in an office after the election, get out there were the individuals are and listen to them and you make your own mind up.  Be careful what others do on your behalf.

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