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Into Me I See
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A new poetry book composed by Mel Clifford & Emily Elzbeth.
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The Adventures of Doc Higgins – The True Story of King Henry VIII
The second book in the series of The Adventures of Doc Higgins and his time travel invention, 'the Higulator'. Have the Craic when Doc meets King Henry VIII with the Manager and sets up the plan for getting his new wife.

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The Adventures of Doc Higgins
The tale of Doc Higgins and his time travel invention. How does the famous Doc plan to bring Alistair back from 1965 to his Nora?

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Poetry Just for You
Selection of Poetry composed by Mel Clifford. Additional poems kindly provided with the permission of the authors.

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February 2024


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If We don’t look after Our Customers Someone else will

Well Done Phil

Well Done Taren







This slogan is written on the wall of Integra Tire Sicamous, BC, Canada.  Just yesterday on my way to Calgary I had the misfortune to get a puncture, 8am just outside Sicamous.  After making an enquiry with a local petrol (gas) station I was directed to Integra Tire.  On arrival I read the notice in the window – Open at 9am.

Seeing a light on in the office I knocked at the front door and I was quickly greeted with a smile and “what can we do for you?” asked Taren I explained my position about my puncture and that I was on my way to Calgary.  I was keen to get going as quickly as possible.  I understood the garage did not open till 9am but if they could fix it first thing that would be great.

Taren came out to my car and briefly examined the tire(tyre) and said Don’t worry some of the lads will be in around 8.30am and I will ask them to look at it and fix for you.

15 minutes later sure enough Colin who was still having his morning coffee came out removed my wheel and examined the puncture.  Yes it needed a new tire and Colin showed and explained why.

While Colin was checking for a replacement tyre I sat in the office.  No luck, no tire in stock and they would have to order one from nearby.

Phil a customer came to the rescue – he asked Taren on the quiet what size of tire I needed and on finding out he said I have 3 tires at home that would fit my car and I was most welcome to the best of them.

Phil went home collected a tire and low and behold it was fitted to my car. Off I went to Calgray.

Thanks to Phil who would not accept payment for his tire, his words to me were “ you look like you need a break” Phil works at Best Western Sicamous so I say to you Best Western you are very lucky to have such an employee and because of Phil you will be my hotel of choice.

Not to mention Integra Tire you certainly live their values and slogan – If we don’t look after Our Customers Someone else will –YOU LOOKED AFTER ME.

Thanks Taren & Phil

5 comments to If We don’t look after Our Customers Someone else will

  • Hey there my ‘homeless Irish friend’! (you slipped my yer card at Bread.Co in Kelowna yesterday)
    Integra Tire and Best Western go up a notch in my books …simply because you took the time to note yer satisfaction with their service!
    Thanks …and may God bless you as you continue to bless the lives of those with whom you connect!

  • melclifford

    Hi Ed, Thanks for your kind words and delighted to meet you, hooe you enjoyed the game – last 17 seconds and they scored wow. Good to make the contact and hope you will continue to read on. Checked out your website and nice one, do you twitter at all? if so @melclifford1 and I will follow you. Kind Regards Mel

  • Hi Mel, and thank you for sharing you lovely story. The nice thing about your experience is that you gave these delightful folks an opportunity to “serve”, and they did it in spades.

    In an often jaundiced world, we often overlook the fact that when given a chance to “serve”, most folks actually do. And remember, karma is a lovely thing.

  • Thanks Peter, for taking the time to comment on my post.

  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your comment
    Kind Regards

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