Human Resources (HR) what function does this department actually do?

People at Work

How many times have organisations changed the functional name of the department or section that considers itself with the responsibilities for their employees?  What is this department called in your business? Here are some of the names I have come across over the years:-

  • Personnel Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Talent Management Department
  • People Department

Whatever it is called in your Company does it really make a difference as to what role it actually performs?  Changing your name will not always deliver what is required.

What about your HR department?

  1. Do you really need a HR Department in your business?
  2. What function does it perform in your company?
  3. How do you rate it within your company?
  4. Does the HR function just allow managers and supervisors to abdicate their responsibilities when it comes to managing and interactions with their people?
  5. Is the function respected at senior level within your company?
  6. How does the CEO/Managing Director interact with the function?
  7. Is it just a waste of space?
  8. Is the term your people are your best asset – really true or is it something that your organisation likes to communicated about the company just to look and feel good?

Well is your HR function valued and does it really contribute to the business?

You might say that HR functions are good on the basic administration and compliance issues but are they really champions for all employees?  In lots of organisation the HR Department is somewhere you go when you have a problem or you are the problem.  Often HR is recognised as just getting in the way and creating blockages.  Well it does just get in the way if it is not managing the people cost efficiently.

If organisations really believe that their people are their best assets then why is it that when the economic situation of a company gets tougher that one of the first places that gets cut are its people.  Is this because HR is a soft touch as it is more difficult to reduce other business overheads.

No the answer is Cost, people are expensive to employ and if you have not managed this cost correctly then it gets very expensive day by day.

If HR is not challenging all managers with getting the best from their people and getting rid of those employees who they all know should not be in their position.  Then in my opinion it is not doing its job.

If your HR department is not contributing in the following areas then get rid of it

  1. Employing the right people for the job required
  2. Employing people more rather than employing more people
  3. Having the right people in the right positions (all levels) and delivering what is amazing not just what is expected
  4. Continuous development of its people in attitude the culture
  5. Ensuring that you have the correct benefits and rewards for those who earn them
  6. Challenging the business leaders to demand better from themselves and others.
  7. Moving those that don’t contribute out of the business from all levels
  8. Creating opportunities and fun in the work environment

Have you got the right person in charge of your people?

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