How I will live my life

How will I live my life

In the most spectacular, exciting, healthy, loving, spiritual and wealthy way.  My life is for living, my body is healthy to house my mind and spirit.  My loving is without fear, giving and most beautiful.  My wealth is that I never have to be concerned about money. To maintain my life there are things that are not negotiable and I need to remind myself everyday that this is what gives me my most spectacular, exciting, healthy, loving, spiritual and wealthy life.

I thank you for letting me wake up today.  I thank you for the opportunity for me to make another great and spectacular day in my life. I will remember today those who I love and let me make a difference in their lives.  Keep me safe in this world. Let me appreciate the beauty of this world and promote through my thoughts and actions only goodness.  Let me learn something new today. Let me continue to fulfil my contract of love to my partner, friend and soul mate in this world so that they always know that they are loved and adored.

Guidance in Your World

When I am unsure of what I must do send my teachers and mentors to place the lessons before me so that I can learn, understand and grow in this world.  Encourage me to stay in the moment and reflect on what I must do next.  Guide me in goodness only and circle my life in the light of the heavenly stars.  Guide me so that I take from this earth only what I need.  While I am here, it is to do good and deliver to this world something special.  Let me not forget my curiosity and laughter as a child.

Let me not worry about my next life for it is the lessons of this life I must learn.  Before I go let me teach others the knowledge that I gain so that they can understand and receive guidance to the next. If I fail let me learn under your guidance to keep trying until I succeed.

Author Mel Clifford 2011

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