Have you ever worked with or met somebody that you thought that they needed a slap of the happy slipper.  I have met some individuals and you would swear they were sucking lemons all day. One would not get a smile or a positive word from them.  In their world everything is always wrong or they live in the why should I world.  They often use words like:-

  • It will never …, you will never…..
  • If only they did this…. then I would be…..
  • It is not my fault….. its them…
  • Why would you do that…. its not my job
  • I would be better off only for……..

They seems to produce energy that is full of negativity always looking for others to blame for how they feel.   There is a  lack of not taking personal responsibility , I am sure you know what I mean, well my answer is they need a  Slap of the Happy Slipper

Happy Slippers

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