Good Morning to My Day

Good Morning to My Day

What will I bring you this day a surprise?

Thoughts in my mind of fun and maybe a smile

I am awake now and ready for you

Not dressed but thinking of what I shall wear for you today

Something fun and colourful to show you

First I shall wash and clean for you

I‘ll not ask you to wait for you shall not

So I must hurry and be ready for you

As you will quickly run away

Ok I’ll not lay here thinking about you any longer

I am ready for my day

Friends I must see and smile and laugh with

Things I must do to bring happiness

But what if I just stay here and not meet you today

You will pass and I will not have the opportunity to say hello

So I must hurry and be ready for you now

Oh! What about tomorrow is that not another day will I not wait till then

I laughed and said I think not, for this is my day

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