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Father’s Day

My Father the Hero

Do we ever think of telling our dad how we feel about them?

My father the hero, do I dare to tell?

Yet I remember now as I look on his face so cold

My dad the hero as he would comfort me in the night

Screaming within my dreams, my dad stood there as I momentarily woke

“I have shooed them away, those fears within your head, those terrible folk

I’m here and they will not come back this night “

Who would come now to scare me in my dreams as my Dad stood guard?

From the comfort of his touch I would sleep well, tucked in tight

The morning would come and into the kitchen I would stand

Grumpy in my mood and still half asleep, I would snap and ignore my hero of the night

Yet my Dad would smile and look at me with love

Only the sandman in my eyes, breakfast on my mind

I stand here now with tears in my eyes and ask why I never said

Trying to make it okay within myself

My Dad that kept me safe each night

Yet he is gone now and I can still feel his presence in my ‘doorway of life’

Protecting me from my fears in the day or night

He never faltered as I grew, to care and watch over me

Here I stand feeling safe, made into the man I am

I ask why I never told him how I felt, my old man

My Dad the hero who encourages me, protects me, ensures

I am safe

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