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Email onto others and ……..?

Pass it on ?

I have a question.

I think I know what I should be paying attention to in my life yet for some unknown reasons I may ignore it and carry on.  My health body & mind, career, finances, relationships or spiritual side.  I think I am doing OK.

Then I receive numerous emails each day telling me how to live my live and passed it on to 10 other poor unfortunate people or I will not get my wishes.  Or no big surprise will come my way or knock at my door within the next number of days.  Well if they are like some of the surprises that have knocked at my door or I received in the mail they can feck off.

Yes I am sometimes guilty of passing on these emails –Yes we all need a reminder and yes we all mean well.  I guess after this blog I will either be inundated or cut off the distribution lists.

Hey life is difficult!  – I think I am given only what I need to learn and grow in this world I can decide if this is good or bad.

But what is important is that people do care about you and those that choose you from their mailing list really care.

Make someone smile – Oh there I go telling you what to do, sorry.  Have a great Holiday weekend, sorry – you decide!

P.S – I don’t think we call them Bank Holiday weekends in Ireland anymore?

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