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Elections – what a waste – Not your Vote

Tomorrow you will be asked for your vote for the elections in Ireland it is up to you to use your vote.  If you don’t vote then don’t start complaining.  My question is the majority of the individuals whom are asking for your vote are the same people who have been in politics and have contributed to the extreme difficulties that you and I find ourselves in.  In most political interviews over the past few weeks and even the first question asked in the last leader’s debate was ARE YOU BEING HONEST WITH THE IRISH PEOPLE?  Most of the debate was questioning the honesty of the parties. What does this tell you about these politicians?

Ask yourself what are they fighting for? you or their own survival I guess their own survival.  I am ashamed of our politicians in Ireland and their greed and their contributions to the destruction of our country and yet tomorrow they will ask yet again for your VOTE.

My questions still stands to each person standing for election what makes them different?

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