Frosty morning looking east

In all its glorious light

Blazing sun and silhouetted treetops

O what a beautiful sight

O many a time I’ve harshly spoken

And fearful of the beast

The danger chill and deathly will

Of the sharp and cutting wind from east.

Today it dawns on me your place

Surely starting each day east

Proclaiming wisdom to the rest

Announcing without fails life’s daily feast.

I sense the newness of each day

Re-birthing, the restful night brings

Today is a good day

A good day to do great things

Written in the early days of this New Year and finished on the 10th June in the shadow of Ben Bulben, County Sligo and in Dunderry Park, County Meath, Ireland on 19th June 2011.

Provided with the kind permission of Andy Smith- Author.

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