This poem was written in August 1916 by my Grandfather P.J Keady, aged 19 while he served in the British Navy during the First World War.


There are moments when doubt and depression

Make living seem like hell

When ones thoughts are the consent obsession

That mankind is everything vile

When nothing there is will sooth one

What, nothing?.. Yes one thing there is wine

When all things else fail when every things gale

That’s the nectar of Bacchus divine

It muses, enlivens, arouses

There’s music in each flowing glass

And the magic each tankard-full houses

Will change to “Cheer Ho” sad “Alas”

Then sing ye the glories of Guinness

And sound ye the praises of Bass

Each beaker of bitter will win us

A pleasure that none can surpass

P.J. Keady

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