I attend a creative writing course recently as I thought I should as I was in the middle of my manuscript and maybe I would learn something? It was recommended that if you are starting to write you should have a blog.

OK I thought, I have heard of blogs or blogging so I will have a go at that. So how do I start? where to I start?, so I asked a closed friend who knows whatever you want to know about technology – “Mel you have to set up an account and then you can start”.

So as you can see I have got that right – sometime ago you will see I set up my blogger account – Ok so what do I do now – I posted a few words – positive thoughts for people to read – but I decided I would just not go public for a while and would see how it goes. I was wrong once I clicked “post” it was gone to the world which I only realised yesterday.

So where to from here ? I have decided to give myself a target of 1000 followers in one year from now, maybe this is too ambitious not or not ambitious at all – given that I have seen people with hundred and thousands of followers every day – well one has to start somewhere an as the old saying goes “with one small step at a time”.

What will I write – who knows we will just have to wait and see but for today whatever small step you have to take in your life do it today for it will be too late tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Mel,

    Hope you’re keeping Well. That’s the thing about the internet, its public. So whatever you put on it the whole world will see it. Good luck with the writing. From What i can see you’re a natural. As a follower I am delighted to be in the first 10 who’ve signed up. The trick now is how to get a few bob out of us?


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