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Dear Mr & Mrs Safeway

Customers Service!!!

Pick Me - I would if I could get some service

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Safeway

How come if you are in the customer service business you can get the simple things so wrong, like serving the customer?

Shopping at my local Safeway on Sunday last. We stood at the bakery counter for 5 minutes waiting to see if anybody would appear that might serve us. Finally I went down to the Deli counter and asked one of the assistants could they help us up at the bakery counter. We wanted to purchase several small buns, which were on display inside the counter unit. “Sorry Our Union won’t lets us serve in the bakery” – came the reply from the young assistant.  A matter of just picking the buns out of the counter unit – a strange rule I thought?

When we could not get nobody to serve us and we proceeded to the checkout I mentioned our dilemma to the young lady and was told Oh! The bakery person went home at 7pm – I ‘m very sorry – did you find everything else you were looking for today ?

Yes thank you, except the Bakery items and it appears that your Union will not allow other assistants to serve us  – I replied.

Your strap line Mr & Mrs Safeway says Ingredients for Life

  • What about adding in some staff to serve at the bakery counters when you are open?
  • What about adding in a Union that has some cop on instead of stupid rules. A Union that might think it is better to support your business instead of destroying

Yours sincerely

Just a Customer


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