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Something Different

I have written recently several posts on developing your own Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Resume and the most important thing is that it standouts out from the normal boring two page formats that HR professionals seem to demand.  I just read a blog written by Seth Godin which I feel encapsulates these points.  Here is a short section of what he wrote.

When your car looks like a car but the doors are gullwing, we notice them. When your suit looks like a suit but the lining is orange, we notice it. When you apply for a job and you don’t have a resume, we notice it.

This was the secret of the golden age of comic books. 90% of every hero was on key, professionally done, easy to understand… which allowed the remarkable parts to stand out.

You can’t be offbeat in all ways, because then we won’t understand you and we’ll reject you. Some of the elements you use should be perfectly aligned with what we’re used to.

The others… Not a little off. A lot off.

What have you got that is Different ?

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