Creating your own Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Resume

There is a risk in everything

There is lots of information available on the internet about how best to create a CV- Resume.  Nearly all of it is in the standard formats but very little that really says a lot about who you are.  I have found from reviewing many CV’s over the years that what one reads on paper and what one finds in the person are very different.  Remember when you are employing people you want them to work with other people and the standard formatted CV tells you very little about the person.

You know there are things that only you know about yourself and there are things other see in you that you are not aware of.  One of the best ways to start with creating a new CV is to ask for some honest feedback about how others see you.  You should not be offended if you received some points that you don’t at first accept or like.  Just be thankful for the feedback you have been given.

Ask family members, partners, work colleagues and friends to write out 5 things you do well and 5 things that you might need to improve.  The more you learn about yourself the more you develop.  Most jobs are found through recommendations people who know you and are willing to recommend you.  So to get talked about and standout from the crowd start creating your new CV today.

It is a risk but dare to be different

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