Conflict – How do you respond?

Why do some people love conflict?

Why do some people avoid conflict at all cost?

Where does a simple remark or comment of observation turn into a flash point of conflict? Does it depend on the individual who makes the comment or remark? Do you accept it from one person but not from another? Does it depend on what state of mind you are in when the comment or remark is mentioned? Should you avoid mentioning a comment or observation of behaviour that needs to be addressed – just to avoid a possible response that may end in conflict?

The answer is no, as long as your intensions are meant as support for the person and it is being made for a positive reason. It is then up to the recipient to decide how to accept it. Meanings are in people not in words.

Often a simple acceptance of the comment is the best course of action. A ‘thank you for mentioning it’ and a simple ‘sorry’ maybe appropriate.

Sometimes we are just not aware of the impact or our behaviour on others. How we see ourselves and how others see us are often very different.

So if you receive a comment or remark meant in a positive and supporting way it is up to you as to how you will respond. We may not see the positivism, or feel supported at that moment because of all of the questions I asked at the start.

It may often be  difficult to say but sometimes “sorry” goes a long way.

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