Changing the way I am – New Poetry Book

My new poetry book coming out this autumn, in eBook and in full print.

Dance your way to the new 

Dance, dance in the wind of life

Glad you were here and now going to your new beginning

For your work is almost done

You were once the new, busting with foliage, busting out,

Laughing for the world with joy, shouting out I am here, look at me

Your frame and structure to support you high and standing tall,

Look up at me for this is my tree

Clothing it during the hot summer to bear fruit and provided shelter to the animals who vacant  there

Dance, dance in the wind of life

Now show to all the other trees, you are changing colours and the forest will show to the sky

Your wild beauty that you show in this world, leaving to let in the new

Nourishing the earth during the winter so your roots do not get cold

Dance, dance in the wind of life

As you fall, standing naked for the world to see

Knowing as you came to this world with the hope of love and you leave with the hope of being loved

Now with your beautiful movements so elegant, you dance in the wind of life

Will I show such beauty as I dance my way to the new?

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