CEO’s Undercover –What a Joke

Get Real

Have you been watching these TV programmes about CEO’s or MD’s of organisations who go undercover and work alongside their employees for one week to find out what’s wrong in the Company?  After the week they go home and their partners greet them with something like “oh darling how was it – how was it dealing with those little people “

But wait for it, on Monday morning they arrive to their cosy board room where all the people who are suppose to know what’s wrong in the business and who should be sorting it out are sitting there waiting to be told what is going on in the Company.  Then you hear the CEO saying something like “I worked with X down in production and they said ……. we must fix this now in our business, and the person responsible for this section of the company nodding their head in agreement.  I know what they are thinking – wait till I get my hands on that bastard.  All the other senior Directors sitting around the table are praying that the CEO will not mention anything about their department.

Next thing the CEO calls the individuals whom they have worked with over the week to HEAD OFFICE (most important place) and surprises them with look it’s me your CEO not old nobody as you thought I was last week and guess what here is a holiday for you.

Please give me a break – if the directors and senior individuals in your company including the CEO do not know what is going on in their business and are not out working alongside those who are delivering the services or products and if they are not listening or meeting their clients and customers then they should not be in their job.

It’s a simple as that

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