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Dad’s Revenge

I posted a blog in August called What makes a great – Dad. While I was doing some research recently I came across this website called It is  written by a 29 year old son who moved back home with his Dad and he now writes about his experiences and what his dad comes out with.  The site is extremely popular and successful. So I thought to myself since I have three sons maybe I could start a website like or or the experience of the bankof or There are several options but I think I might loose the battle as three against one might have the edge and more stories to tell about me. It would be difficult to decide which son to talk about at any given point in time –  but here is just one story about one son. Its 3am and my mobile phone rings waking me up “I would like a taxi to go from ……… to ……..there are four of us” Hi this is your Dad – I think you called the wrong number As he hangs up his phone I hear oh F**K I just call my Dad. The following morning when I asked “did you get a taxi ok” – “Yes”  he replied but there no relocation of his  call to me This could be the start of something new – to be continued

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