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Deal or No Deal ?

e Voting machines for SALE – Ireland cost €55m sold €70K Deal or No Deal ?

Decision makers in buying the e Voting machines were Noel Dempsey, Martin Cullen, Bertie Ahern are they answerable? Deal or No Deal?

Storage payments and a 25 year storage lease awarded to one Mr Duffy who is the nephew […]

Was it GREED or What?

It seems to me that what we read and what we hear in the Irish media continues to paint a much prettier picture than what actually exists. My question is why? If one questions this opinion are they seen as negative and condemned for not having a positive attitude towards “Green Shoots”. It is raining […]

What Qualities Would I Want for President?

Your Only Man

Get back in the race!


True to themselves and others Respect For other’s their practices and views in this world Responsibility For ones actions and their mistakes  Fairness An equal chance to be heard – and to be listen to Creativity Outside the […]

Read your License Plates – Canada

Beautiful British Columbia, Wild Rose Country, Yours to Discover, …..and so on… My question is – for how long and will your children have the same straplines on their number plates – Yours to Decide!

Only new to Canada I have been asked in general conversation by the young and new first time voters who […]

Irish Economy – April Fools!

April fools – all great, all good and no worries, politician in Ireland are honest. Albert Einstein said if you keep doing what you have always done you will get what you have always got – more bail outs for the banks?? Please I am now going to get sick?

Who in the politics will […]

What kind of World do YOU want for Your Children?

Yesterday was David Suzuki Birthday, age 75 years young. Happy Birthday David.

David has continued to ask the question what kind of world do we want for our children. Our Politicians have children too but seem to never really address this question or take the required action. Why is this? I would suggest that children […]

Elections – what a waste – Not your Vote

Tomorrow you will be asked for your vote for the elections in Ireland it is up to you to use your vote. If you don’t vote then don’t start complaining. My question is the majority of the individuals whom are asking for your vote are the same people who have been in politics and have […]

What will make Micheál Martin different?

Can You Lead, are You any Different?

Firstly let me say that I have no affiliation to any particular party in Ireland.

Listening to Micheál Martin over the years all I can seem to remember for some reason is “Me Me Me” or “I” “I” “I” coming out of his mouth. This would […]

To Serve the People for the People


Now that the election campaigns are upon us and we will have politicians that have never called at our door or we have never seen before in our local area, all seeking our vote. Promising us lots of stuff that they will do for you. […]