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On Friday last while driving I was listening to the radio and Kevin Myers was in discussions with George Hook.  They were discussing would you walk passed a fight on the street if you saw one happening or would you intervene.  Kevin said he would not get involved for several reasons especially given the current environment (drugs and the high level of violence) in which we live in.  Even though one might like to think they would go to the aid of one of the individuals involved most people would not intervene.  Whether you believe one should or not intervene is not the question, there is plenty written about this subject.

A text was sent into the radio programme and Kevin seemed to get very animated and angry about a text message.  The text from a listener was a comment around his personal safety and assisting others to have him beaten up.  At first I thought what are you getting so upset about Kevin, but as I listened to what he had to say I thought well fair play to you, you are right.  We are much better off with individuals who call it as they see it, are happy to speak out for others and put their own name to what they have to say.  Individuals that don’t hide behind others who accept accountability for what they say and write and who are honest in their views and opinions.  Individuals who just don’t say what is expected of them.

Whether one likes what Kevin Myers has to say or not, whether one agrees or not with his opinions, one has to admire him for being honest and true to his beliefs.

Finding out who and what you are in life, being true to yourself is vital, we could do with a lot more individuals who call it as it is.

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