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Call Me Old Fashioned If You Like

Would you like a Seat?

“Next stop, change here for Dart or Bus transfers”, how many of you have heard this type of announcement or something similar when you travel on the intercity commuter trains.

Having started to travel more by train lately I can’t get over the amount of men, especially young men that will pretend that they don’t see a young or elderly lady or an elderly man standing on the train during rush hour all the way of the journey and don’t get up and offer them their seat.  If you happen to be a pregnant woman then worse still, forget it you will not get a seat at all.  Recently as I was standing on the train I watched a young girl who was pregnant and she was standing on the train all the way into the City.  There were at least six men sitting very close to where she was standing and not one of them offered her their seat.  They all seemed to do everything to pretend she was not there and ignore her, well all I can say is “shame on you “.

You maybe of the female gender reading this and say equality and why should a man get up and give you their seat, well that’s O.K, if offered one can always refuse it.  But I am also including young women in this and they should consider offering their seat to a pregnant lady or an older man or woman.

My question is where has all the courtesy gone in this world, opening a door for a woman or elderly person and letting them through first, opening a car door, offering them a seat on a crowed train or bus?

Change is in your hand – next time what will you do?

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