Building an in-house MBA Programme – Part 5

Let me address the fourth question from my Part 1 post on the topic of your organisation creating and implementing an in-house MBA Programme for employees.


Does your organisation have the appropriate commitment and skills to manage and deliver such a programme?

In life we receive our learning through experiences. This learning can be experiences gathered by undergoing informal or formal training. What is often not recognised within organisations is the value of providing a structured learning path. And how often do I hear that Training & Development budgets are the first to be cut when times are difficult. Creating your in-house MBA can provide the structured learning that suits your business and does not carry excessive costs.

Do your top management say that they support training and behave differently? Getting the buy-in from the top management is critical. If Training & Development is way down their list of priorities then you will have limited success, if any.

Organisations where senior management are interested in their own learning and lead by example will provide the commitment to support an in -house MBA programme. Active participation of the CEO will demonstrate the commitment of the business to the programme.  Anything less is not acceptable.

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