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Books are meant to be read and passed onto others that’s how they come alive.

A book has no value unless it is read, so read on and pass it on.

Here is a only a short list of some suggested books that you might be interested in reading:If you would like any of the books listed please email me and I will post your requested book onto you.  The only thing I would ask of you is that you will post this book onto the next person who would like to read it.

How does it work? If you request a book from the list below it will be sent onto you by the person who currently has it. You must supply your name a postal address and email contact details. I will either send it onto you or email the person you currently has the book with your postal details and they will send it onto you. If you pass on the book to a friend all we ask is that you must send this persons details to me so we can keep track of the book for others.

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Conditions of loan

Three easy points to follow:

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Your Recommendations

If you have a book that you would like to recommend then send me (by email) a brief detail under the headings below.  I will include it within the list below.  The one thing I would ask you is that you must be prepared to post your book onto one person only that may request if from the list recommended on this website page.

So let’s give our books a life and share them with others.

Additional Books will be added from time to time.

Book/ResourceAuthorSummary Comments
Good to GreatJim CollinsJim Collins begins this book with a startling and counter intuitive claim: “Good is the enemy of great.” We’ve become so conditioned to think of performance as something that develops along evolutionary lines — from poor to good to outstanding — that it takes a minute to grasp the notion that competence can actually inhibit achievement. As Collins says, “The vast majority of companies never become great, precisely because the vast majority become quite good — and that is their main problem.”
Now Discover Your StrengthsMarcus BuckinghamUnfortunately, most of us have little sense of our talents and strengths, much less the ability to build our lives around them……..
MIDNIGHTSTOWNTom FrenchTom French’s third collection of wonderful Poetry.  Tom’s first collection Touching the Bones (2001) was awarded the Forward Prize for Best First Collection.
How to pull ahead- Horse Sense -on the business track
Al Ries & Jack TroutWhat goes for office politics also goes for every other area of success in life. You can’t beat the competition by doing your own thing your own way. You have to look outside yourself to spot what will give you the essential winning edge.
Go Put Your Strengths to WorkMarcus BuckinghamGain a full understanding of the key business ideas in Go Put Your Strengths to Work by Marcus Buckingham
The Creative Destruction of Medicine
Eric Topol, M.DHow the digital revolution will create better health care. What happens when you combine cellular phone technology with cellular aberrations in disease?
Whatcha Gonna Do with that DUCK?
Seth GodinWhat happens when your box is empty? What happens when all the agenda items and all the incoming emails are cleared? The challenge is to ask a two-part question.What next? What now? Asking is the hard part.
Rich Dad Poor DadRobert KiyosakiThis book should be on the Secondary School curriculum. I would give it Teenagers to read !  It is a MUST for EVERYONE to read particularly in the current financial climate!
The Last Lecture
Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how play the hand” – Rany PayschIn this book, Randy Pausch has combined the humour, inspiration and intelligence that made his lecture such a phenomenon and given it an indelible form. It is a book that will be shared for generations to come.
The Success PrinciplesJack CanfieldJack Canfield, creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, reveals secrets to success with 64 timeless principles in The Success Principles
Poetry Just for You
Mel CliffordA selection of 18 beautiful poems and photographs – written by Mel Clifford and other new artists. 
Awaken the Giant WithinAnthony RobbinsAwaken The Giant Within is one of the most comprehensive books of knowing how the human mind works and what you can do to make positive changes in your life by simply understanding your thoughts and emotions
The Intuition PrimerPractical Lessons to Launch your IntuitionAngela ArtemisDo you ever wonder whether you might be intuitive?  Have you heard about people “knowing” things before they happen?  Do you know someone who was led to great success in their lives using their intuition?  Are you unclear about what intuition is?  Learn how with practical lessons to launch your intuition Free Download
The Time of your Life (Audio)Anthony RobbinsIsn’t it time you took control of your life once and for all-and experienced the quality of life you truly deserve?
Anthony Robbins developed The Time of Your Life program based upon his best-selling Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method (RPM). This system is all about producing extraordinary results with less time and more fulfillment. It is a fundamental paradigm shift from time management to life management.
Date with Destiny (Live Seminar)Anthony RobbinsDate with Destiny is all about discovery and about understanding your core wiring. We are all driven to fulfill six basic human needs. …….Anthony Robbins
The One Minute ManagerKenneth BlanchardThe One Minute Manager reveals three secrets to productive and efficient managing as told through a young man’s search for the perfect managing and leading skills. The One Minute Manager is focused on, not surprisingly, a one minute manager. The man is a venerable leader that is highly spoken of by his employees, his three secrets being the key to his success.
Who moved my CheeseKenneth BlanchardStarts off with a group of friends meeting up after their high school reunion. One of the friends begins to tell the story of “Who Moved My Cheese?” and at that point the author begins to describe, symbolically, the manner in which so many people in this world deal with change in their lives.
One Minute MillionaireRobert AllenIn The One Minute Millionaire, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen give a practical and simple explanation on how to use the “millionaire minute”. They define the “millionaire minute” as a discipline the rich are using to gain and grow their wealth. It involves simple, practical, everyday money skills, and they define seven important skills that wealthy people are good at. The good thing is that you do not have to be wealthy already; you can start to practice and develop these skills just where you are right now.
Feel the Fear and Do it AnywaySusan JeffersInside ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®’ you’ll learn what we are afraid of…and why and the five surprising truths about fear. You’ll also learn how to let go of the victim mentality, the secret of making ‘no lose’ decisions, how to expand your ‘comfort’ zone, how to create more meaning in your life…and much more. With understanding and humor, Susan shows you how to become powerful in the face of your fears–and enjoy the elation of living a more creative, joyous, and loving life.
The Road Less TravelledMorgan Scott PeckThe famous first line of the book is: “Life is difficult.” This is a claim that would have been greeted with near universal consent in the 70s, but must ring somewhat silly after over twenty years of economic growth and cultural renewal and the end of the Cold War. Were one to rewrite the opening today, it might more accurately begin: We make life difficult. That this is consistent with Dr. Peck’s message is obvious when we look to the central theme of the book, what made it counter cultural in its own time but enabled it to endure into ours……….
The Power of NowEckhart TollePerhaps once in a decade, or even once in a generation, a book like The Power of Now comes along. It is one of those rare books that has the power …….also available on DVD
The Tipping PointMalcolm GladwellHow Little Things Can Make a Big Difference   Malcolm Gladwell, a staff writer for New Yorker Magazine, 
Crucial ConversationsKerry Patterson,
J. Grenny,
and A. Switzler
This book, then, is the authors’ stab at teaching others how to handle – and even master – crucial conversations, and by doing so change their lives. 
Think and Grow RichNapoleon Hill“All impulses of thought have a tendency to clothe themselves in their physical equivalent” Sometimes it’s good to go back to the source.”
Man’s Search For MeaningViktor FranklThis classic by the great Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl could be described as one of the most important popular books of the 20th century
Influence – The Psychology of
Robert CialdiniThe Psychology of Persuasion is far and away the best sales / marketing book I’ve ever read……..
The Richest men in BabylonGeorge S. ClasonThe book describes ‘seven cures for a lean purse’ and it’s worth having a look at these cures and How they might be applied to your own finances.
The Strangest SecretEarl NightingaleThe book describes ‘seven cures for a lean purse’ and it’s worth having a look at these cures and how they might be applied to your own finances.
Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret is one of the most popular recordings on personal development, albeit one that’s 40 years old. 
Even Eagles Need a Push
– learning to soar in a changing
David McNallyTaking the risks you know you show and living life the way you should
The Yin Yang ComplexBrendan FoleyAll men and women process a combination of both masculine (yang) and feminine (Yin) energies. These two primary energies affect all aspects of our lives, including the levels of success and happiness that we achieve.  The Yin Yang Complex reveals how balancing these masculine and feminine energies can help you to gain a new perspective on your life, your relationships, your career and place in the world.  It will take you on a journey of discovery that will provide you with insight into how to change your life.
The Traveler’s GiftAndy AndrewsOnly a few months ago he was a successful executive.  Now he’s a desperate man. But a divine adventure is about to unfold.  Join David Ponder on an incredible journey that will help you discover the Seven Decision for Success
Pardon us Ms. WriterMegan Easley-WalshThis is a beautiful book of poems.  The writer takes you on a poetic journey through events, locations, art and ideals.  These poems are full of substance without the heaviness that comes from such subjects.  The poem “Words” Megan’s opening poem – that the words have danced onto the page to express themselves.
The E-Myth RevisitedMichael E GerberWhy most small business don’t work and what to do about it.  The E-Myth Revisited will help you grow your business in a productive , assured way
You will be thin & Feel GreatMatthew ArmstrongThere are profound secrets within the pages of this book. When they are understood and applied to your life you will experience a complete physical and emotional transformation.
Crummey V IrelandFrank Crummey and Co writer Anne StopperA man that fought injustice, supported those who need help. Throughout his adult life he has been an agitator for justice, associated particularly with the family planning movement and Women’s Refuge, repeatedly using the law as an instrument for change.
Common Sense How To Exercise ItYoritomo TashiIt does what it says on the tin, excellent read published in 1915.  Part of a series of 10 titles in the Mental Efficiency Series.
Changing the way I am
Mel CliffordSelection of poems and photographs.  Contributions from various new poets. Accompanied with beautiful photographs.
Screw Work Lets PlayJohn WilliamsHow to do what you love and get paid for it. Written by a career maverick who escaped corporate life. It is a blue print to create work-life of fun, freedom and creativity, something more like play than work. Whether you want to start a business, create an ideal job, write a book or change the world, there’s no need to suffer unfulfilling work any more
Anglo Republic
Simon CarswellAs late as 2007, Anglo Irish Bank was a darling of the markets, internationally recognized as one of the fastest growing financial institutions in the world.  By 2008, it was bust. The Irish government’s hopeless attempts to save Anglo have led the state to ruin – culminating in a punitive IMF bailout in late 2010 and threatening the future of the euro.  Simon paints a vivid and disturbing picture of life inside Anglo – the credit committee meetings, the lightning-quick negotiations with property developers, the culture of lavish entertainment – and of the men who presided over its dizzying rise and fall.
Our Iceberg is Melting
John KotterOur Iceberg Is Melting is a simple fable about doing well in an ever-changing world, it is a story that has been used to help thousands of people and organizations in the process of Change. The fable is about a penguin colony in Antarctica. A group of beautiful emperor penguins live as they have for many years. Then, one curious bird discovers a potentially devastating problem threatening their home, and pretty much no one listens to him.
I will be home in 20 MinutesRoslyn BellSharing her story of determination, commitment and the ability to overcome great pain both physical and emotional.  Wonderful read and inspiring, Roslyn Bell has a vivacious charming personality and takes you on her powerful journey of how a brush with death in a horrific car crash and overcoming major surgery for cervical cancer, made her determined to fulfill her dreams and make the most of the gift of life.
Managing in a Time of Great Change
Peter F. DruckerDrucker illuminates the cutting edge of business challenge in our era if high-pressure change. Showing us what is rather than what is supposed to be in the ways businesses operate and should be run. Examining current management trends and catchphrases to make clear what they really mean and if they really work.
The Adventures of Doc Higgins
Mel CliffordTaken from the stories of Alistair and Nora. This is a tale of Doc Higgins and his invention,the Higulator to enable time travel. The New York Chimes –If you life Irish Bullshit -They do have a way with words, great feckin’ read.
The Innovator’s Dilemma
Clayton M ChristensenFocusing on “Disruptive Technology” Christensen shows why most companies miss out on new waves of innovations.  The Innovator’s Dilemma presents a set of rules for capitalizing on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation.
How The Top 5% Think!
Fred SarkariWould being financially independent make you a member of the top 5%? Would an Olympic athlete be part of the 5%? Does a Buddhist monk has attained enlightenment qualify for the 5%? -Learn what it takes to become among the Top 5% in any aspect of your life.
Brilliant At The Basics of Business 100:
Nicholas BateThis is a excellent mini-book which is a must have book for all CEO’s Managers and Business owners. 100 basics points on the Brilliants of Basic Business. Great read.
A Rendezvous with Destiny
Jim JanzYes, climb the mountain of your dreams, but not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world. A book full of information to support you focus on your destiny.