Look for it's Beauty

In life our circumstances change sometimes very slowly, creeping up on us, sometimes totally unexpected and there before we know or have time to consider what’s just happened.  One can decide to embrace and welcome  the changes or become defensive within ourselves and reject them.  If our lives are not changing all of the time we will never grow and have the opportunity to become who we really are.  How we react to change is in our own hands and nobody else.

Life will send you challenges and opportunities if only to direct and push you to grow in the right direction.  Too often we reject change or fail to see the opportunity it can give us.  It is important to look for the beauty that is offer to you.

The next time you start to feel that things are changing in your life –change your attitude and behaviour towards this change – alter how you think about it and seek the beauty of the change.

“Beauty exists everywhere; it dwells in the most humble objects, makes all around us resplendent and if we refuse to see it, we are blinded by an unjust prejudice, or our minds are not open to the faculty of contemplation” – Yoritomo Tashi

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