There is always a way out

Once there was a man wandering around in the Sahara Desert trying to find his way out.  When all of a sudden he sees an Eskimo and his team of huskies coming over the sand dunes.  Franticly the man stops the Eskimo and said “I am lost can you tell me the way out of this desert” to which the Eskimo replied “your lost, mush

We can all feel lost in our own life sometimes, not knowing where we are going.  Questioning as to whether we are in the right job, relationship or making the right decisions.  It is always good to question ourselves as to where we are at in our lives and are we in the right place for us.  Unless you question and address the issues in your life you will continue to wander around not knowing if you are in your right place.

It is O.K for you to ask others for support and help with your questions.  You may not be as lost as you may feel.  There is always someone out there for you that can help, so don’t try and figure out the questions alone – ask and let’s see where your path is going.  Make things in your life happen for you and not to you.

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