Nick Clegg

It seems to me that British media are looking for signs of anger in their leaders for the coming elections, surely they mean passion.  Can you show passion about an issue without using anger?  If you do not get angry about an issue or topics then you seem to lack passion and ultimately leadership.

In one news report they spoke about Nick Clegg and it seemed that they had never seen him get angry about anything except on one occasion on the issue of fox hunting.  I previously wrote on the 7th February this year about hearing Nick Clegg talking about being honest.  I don’t know about you but I would much prefer a leader that was honest and passionate rather than one that demonstrated anger for news headlines.  I don’t really mind what political party one is affiliated to for no one party has the ownership rights on passion and honesty.

Very few great world leaders have often shown anger so Nick if you are reading this post stick with passion and honesty rather than anger as you will find there is far less competition out there in the honesty race.

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