Adventures of the Doc – The Cruise

All Aboard

The Doc and the Manager pulled up outside Alistair and Nora’s house in the MM Sports 1000.The Doc had installed the new Higulater Model 1,set to travel into a new time zone. Doc beeped the car horn several times and shouted, hey Al my man, we are off to change the future. Alistair and Nora came out onto the street. Hi Doc, what are ye both up to now, asked Alistair. Well Al my man both the Manager and I are heading back in time. Not back to 1965, said Alistair. No Alistair we are on our way to Ireland for April 12th 1912, replied Doc.

That date sounds very familiar Doc, said Alistair. Wait a minute are you heading to Cobh in County Cork by any chance, asked Alistair. You got it in one my man were going on a cruise. It’s the feckin Titanic cruise, yelled Nora. Are you both mad, added Nora. I am going to change history, replied Doc. No feckin icebergs this time. Nora looked across at the Manager, who rolled her eyes up to heaven as if to say, yes Nora I hear you but you know what the Doc is like once he gets a crazy idea in his head.

Sounds cool to me Doc I wish you luck with moving the iceberg out of the way this time, said Alistair. Will you not alter history if you try and change things that have happened in the past, asked Nora? What will be created is a parallel time zone.  It happens all the time Nora. Did you ever wonder what would happen if you had made a different decision or have you had a Déjà vu, asked Doc.  The fun is jumping into and out of the parallel zones all the time and experiencing  the differences, added Doc.  When I tested the new Higulater out last week I went back to 1975 and I got that fellow Spielberg to call his movie Jaws instead of the Shark.

Listen Alistair, I have left a second model of the new Higulater in my work shed so if we run into any difficulties I may need you and Nora to come and get us. I guess you may have a few problems to deal with on the Titanic Doc, said Alistair.

Have to go now Al, the Higulater is set for Queenstown harbour Cobh in Cork, 12th April, 1912. See you both when we get back from our adventures, shouted Doc as they headed for Knox Mountain.  Within a few minutes there was a loud bang and a flash of light. Alistair and Nora understood those sounds and flashes.  They knew that Doc and the Manager were now travelling in time.

Good afternoon Sir Doc and my Lady, your luxury cabin is just down this corridor on the right-hand side, said the ships steward . Captain Edward John Smith has invited you to dine at his table this evening to celebrate the Birthday of Lady Higgins. The steward opened the cabin door displaying a magnificent room fit for a king. When the steward left their cabin with a handsome tip in hand, Doc asked where the Manager had hidden the bottles of wine. Doc we don’t have to hide wine in our luggage on this type of cruise. It is all free in the ticket price, replied the Manager. Feckin great, replied Doc. All I have to do now is get to know Captain Smith really well and see if he will take me on a tour of the ships bridge, laughed the Doc.

To be continued…………

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