Adventures of the Doc – The Cruise Part 5

The Big Apple - New York, New York

What a very very enjoyable dinner this evening, said the Manager as she arose from the dining table. I will just go to our cabin dear to get something warm for the night chill. I might then be strolling on deck close to the life boats.  I will join you later my dear, replied Doc. Ready for the tour of my ship Sir Doc, asked Captain Smith. All set Captain I am in your very capable hands.

You wanted to see the crow’s nest, said Captain Smith. Yes, that would be great, replied Doc. Just then a steward approached the Captain, Second Officer Lightoller has requested that you would come to the bridge. Will you excuse me for a few minutes until I attend to this request, said Captain Smith. For sure, I will just stroll around the ship until your return, replied Doc.

The Doc entered the crow’s nest by himself and was met by Reginald Lee and Fredrick Fleet.  Hey Freddie and Reggie, said Doc I  have a pair of binoculars for you. I hear there is a large ice bank close by.  If ye keep yer eyes peeled out straight in front with these fine binoculars you’ll see it in about an hour or so, said Doc. That’s very generous of your Sir, replied Fredrick Fleet. They seem to have forgotten to have any binoculars on board. Night lads and don’t forget straight out there in front, said Doc and he returned on deck.

When Captain Smith had not returned after sometime the Doc went to the bridge. Good evening all I am looking for Captain Smith he asked. Oh the Captain has retired for the evening, replied Second Officer Murdock. You must be Sir Doc. Yes, replied Doc.  I was hoping to see how the ship was operated from the bridge. Yes the Captain mentioned that he had invited you to joins us. Please stay and observe if your wish.

That would be great, and tell me how does the engine room received its instructions, asked Doc. The telegraph system signals to the engine room and aft docking bridge the instructions to go full ahead, full astern or stop they are the directions we may wish to go, replied Officer Murdock.  Oh and if I push the handle to read port side the ship would turn in that direction, asked Doc. Yes correct replied the officer. I hear there were iceberg warnings should we be going as fast as we are now, enquired Doc. Yes, we have had a few messages in from the different vessels in the area but no ice sighted yet, replied Officer Lightoller. As the time clock on the bridge was showing 11.30pm the Doc pretended to lose his balance on the bridge and grasped the telegraph signal handle, pulling it all the way signal steer to port side. As this happened there was an emergency call from the Crow’s nest giving sight of an iceberg in the direct path of the ship some way in the distance.

The Ship began to turn to the port side away from the iceberg. Officer Murdoch took control of the ship just as it past a large iceberg on its starboard side several minutes later. That was close shout the Doc as the ship steamed passed the iceberg. Glad you changed direction Office Murdock, said Doc. We could have been right in the middle of that Iceberg. All under control now, replied the Officer. Well gentlemen I must retire for the evening and just before I do I will have one for the road, said Doc as he left the bridge.

On his way back to the bar the Doc stopped at the Crow’s nest an shouted up to Reggie and Freddie, well spotted lads. After his one for the road the Doc return to his cabin. Well my dear we will arrive in New York tomorrow where we can have our MM  Sports 1000 unloaded and be on our way to 2012. But before that there is a little bit of business I must complete. When we get back home I can’t wait to Google the story of the voyage of the Titanic said the Manager.

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