Adventures of the Doc – The Cruise Part 2

It's behind You, Oh! no it's Not

The Doc and the Manager were announced as they entered the dining room. Sir Doc and Lady Higgins, shouted the Ship Steward. This way another Steward called, as he lead them towards the Captain’s table. Good evening Sir Doc and may I say how lovely you look Lady Higgins. I am Captain Edward John Smith at your service. The Doc replied with, Doc Joseph Anthony Higgins and my good Lady delighted to be on board Captain.

May I introduce you to your fellow passengers and guests, asked Captain Smith. Mr. Thomas Andrews the designer of this beautiful vessel. As the Captain continued to introduce the other guess, the Doc quietly said under his breath to the Manager, I think I recognise most of these tulips and I wish Nora and Alistair were here to see this all finery.

Well Sir Doc may I ask what business you are in, requested Lord Havenothing. A bit of this and a bit of that, replied Doc but let’s say for the moment I am in the travel business and yourself Lord Havenothing. Stock Market, my good man, my money is in this new exciting business ventures of stocks & shares, he replied. I would suggest that you might think of getting the feck out of all your stocks & shares no later than 1928 and buy some oil fields instead, said Doc.  Oh! surely not Sir Doc, I am well informed that it’s the place to be in stocks and shares, one can’t lose. The Doc gave Lord Havenothing one of his stern looks (as to say you’re a feckin ijet) and in quick response his Lordship said, but I’ll make a good note of the year right now, 1928 you said Sir Doc.

A large cake was carried to the Captains table to celebrate the Manager’s birthday. The entire room joined in the singing and good wishes. The pleasantries continued at the dining table with some light hearted jokes and outbursts of song from Doc, as the evening pasted away. A few remarks were passed amongst the other ladies to try and understand the meaning of some of the unusual phases spoken by the Doc during the evening dinner. Especially the meaning of “making a right bollox of it” or the use of that feckin Gobshit. Language not really heard among ladies, in fact most of the gentlemen did not really understand his terminology.

As the lady guests began to retire from the table for the evening the Doc suggested to the Captain that the gentlemen or lads as Doc put it, might retire to the Bar for- “one for the road”.

To be continued …………

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