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Adventures of the Doc – The Cruise Part 4

Full Steam Ahead

At the evening dinner table the following discussion was taking place. It was shocking to hear that there was a lady in the gentleman’s bar today. Caused such a terrible stir amongst the gentlemen, not lady like at all. Yes, shocking carryon for a lady, must have been a 2nd class or God forbid even a 3rd class passenger. How did she get to the 1st class deck, that’s my questions. What is the world coming too?  Next we will hear of these women suffragetts getting the vote, how ridiculous. Women voting sure how would they know how to think without their husbands. Started by the French you know, the Suffrage Movement.  Typical French, next we will have our road signs in French. Who speaks their language anyway. The Queens English, that’s what the world should be speaking. As for the Scots and Irish nobody can understand what they say.

The Doc and the Manager approached the dining table. Good evening Ladies, how well you are looking this evening and of course I must not leave the men out, said Doc as he held the Managers chair for her to sit down to the dinner table. Evening Lady Higgins the other guests replied. Did I over hear you speaking about the French, asked Doc. Why yes, Sir Doc, we were commenting on their silly ideas, like the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Well Ladies the French might not play fair in their football games and I refer to Monsieur Thierry Henry but the vote will come for women.  I am afraid I have not heard of Monsieur Henry, replied Mrs Molly Brown, but I agreed with you Sir Doc women should have the vote. There was a shuffle of uneasiness from several of the other ladies around the table with the new direction of discussions. I say jolly good to that women in the bar today, Molly Brown continued. The manager piped up and said, oh! that was me in the bar today. I can’t really understand what all the fuss was about. Men and their little private clubs, a load of bollox that’s what I say.  My my Lady Higgins, replied Captain Smith must not upset the status quo now ladies.

Weather getting a little chilly this evening Captain, are we sailing close to icy weather, asked Doc. No not at all Sir Doc, replied Captain Smith and I have excellent look outs in the crow’s nest for any obstacles in our way. Very good Captain, I might have a look at the crow’s nest before I visit the bridge tomorrow evening if I have your kind permission, requested Doc. Of course Sir Doc I would be delighted to show you around my ship.

To be continued……

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