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Act of Kindness

My Bicycle?

On February 27th I wrote that I noticed a sticker on the back of a car – Random Acts of Kindness. Last Sunday while out cycling I badly buckled the back wheel of my bike.  I tried to fix the wheel but it was well buckled and now jammed against the frame. I had no movement in the wheel at all.  I  started to walk home carrying my bike.

Unknown to me a car had passed just after this incident happened and noticed I was struggling with the wheel of my bike.  As I passed a house along my way home a young lady approached me and asked me if I was OK and had I far to travel to which I replied “only a more few kilometres (approx 6km). She said that she and her husband had just passed me on the road and noticed I had some issue with my bike.  Her husband (John) then offered to put my bike in the boot of his car and drive me home.  I accepted his very kind offer.  I introduced myself and we chatted along the journey home talking of places we both knew and my afternoon of cycling. I was delighted with the lift home and the long walk it had saved me.

So I am delighted to be able to report that Random Acts of Kindness are still out there, thank you John and your family for your very help.

Who can you help today?

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