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About Me

Taking personal responsibility for your life, is one of the way’s for you to grow and achieve your dreams. Putting the “Me Factor” in your life, will build your confidence and support you in breaking down your barriers to change.  Shifting from your comfort zones and getting to where you feel most happy in your life, will make a real difference.

Each day I continue to grow and learn from others and situations that occur in my life.  I make mistakes and I have some regrets, the past is gone and future is where it is at.  I believe in honesty and I value the times I spend with people and listen to what they have to contribute.  I create fun in my life – laugh every day and I am thankful and appreciate what I have in my world.

I hope you enjoy reading my web postings and I welcome your comments. Remember change is in your hands.

There is a crack, a crack, in everything. That’s how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen

My Business World

I have been involved for over 20 years in the support, coaching and personal development of individuals. Helping them take personal responsibility for their learning and making the changes, they wish in their life.  I have over 12 years business experience, in both starting my own companies and successfully growing business opportunities for organisations, to make real changes for my clients.

I have worked and conducted business in Europe, USA and China.  My passion is about getting individuals to really understand, that if they wish to make changes in any areas of their lives, be that, health, career, finances, relationships, spiritual, then they must take personal responsibility and know that change is in their own hands.

I have worked over many years, in small, medium and large organisations, at Senior Management and Director level.  My experiences are in the areas of Human Resources, Technology, Communications, Project Management and Business Operations.  I have worked in and lectured with several Universities and Institutes in the UK and Ireland in business management.

In 2000, I left the secure environment of a large organisation to start my own business. To support individuals and organisations in managing change and making a real difference.  It is up to me to prove my worth everyday.  My worked is very varied from working with individuals, with teams and large scale projects.  It does not matter what the project is, as long as people are involved, then I can deliver and so far I have achieved every deadline.

I am actively involved in the leadership and direction of my businesses.  Past Chairperson of several International Associations and I hold Non- executive Directorships. I am currently living in Canada working on several business and personal development projects.

My work involves working with and along side people.

Thank you for visiting my web site page.

Opportunities for you -please contact me if:-

Your organisation is going through change and needs support and challenge with its direction.

Your organisation has a major change project.

You wish to have a 1:1 coaching session to support you with the changes in your life.

I am also available for public speaking, group coaching and Team Development sessions.