Individuals Need Individual Words

When one says I don’t mean to criticise you but ………they are actually criticising you and not what should be addressed and that is the actual action, project or behaviour not the person.

When a manager uses the words the Company feels that you are ……….who is this person named the Company?  Where is the person behind these feelings or comments?

In our jobs we all would like to know how we are doing and how we are valued by others.  Tell them how their work and inputs are valued and what might help them to improve and grow and develop in what they do, but never attach the person.

Individuals suit some work environments more than others, 99% of the time people will know this for themselves.  As a Manager it is your job to support employees to fit into the environment or support them to find their way out.

Choose your words carefully and think before you speak – it will make the difference.

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