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It's your Job - so deliver no excuses

One Tuesday this week I made comments about an article I read very recently on leadership and the pressures it carries and what one should do published in the Globe and Mail Newspaper.  As I stated in my post it was very basic stuff.  I made comments on what I believed were the required skills to lead either an organisation or a country for that matter.  Just recently the leader of the Irish Government Mr. Brian Cowen made a big deal about calling in, wait for it 11 Senior CEO’s who have responsibility for job creation in Ireland to account for themselves.

Now if you had an organisation where you were paying 11 CEO’s to create jobs within your business would you expect them to deliver?  If they did not deliver what would you do about it?

Well Brian Cowen and his 11 senior people not including a full ministerial position must have had a great little chat and then went off about their business again.

In my managerial opinion I would have kept the meeting short and simple and delivered the following message to each of the CEO’s including the Minister responsible.

“Each of you have to create 5,000 new jobs each year for the next three years, if you are not able to do this then you should not be in the job for which you are well paid to carry out.  So if you have not delivered the required amount not 4,999 but 5,000 new jobs at the end of each year’s please send your resignation to me and I will find someone that can do the job you are being paid to do”

Now that’s leadership, for if I was not delivering on the job I was paid to carry out I would be held accountable and fired.  So what’s so different about each and every one of these 11 CEO’s and there numerous staff.

It’s simple 11 senior highly paid state agencies executives by 5,000 new jobs each equal 55, 000 new jobs which in turn equals 165,000 over three years.  It is only 25,000 jobs more than the so called FAS agency is projecting in a recent report based on their five years time frame.

End of discussion end of meeting and no excuses.

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