5 Ways of the Heart

There are many phases or symbols that will capture the “Heart” instantly recognised and communicated.  They can summarise an individual meaning for you or for groups of people.  The following for me are among the most important phases and values we should try and demonstrate in our lives regardless of our cultures or beliefs.

We all have the choice in our lives to decide how we will project ourselves in this world.  It is important to understand the ways of the Heart so that you can make that choice for you. I have choosen only 5 ways and I know that you will find and suggest many more. If you have other ways please share them with me and others.  Thank you in advance.

They are not in any priority order as an understanding of each is as important as the other.

An Open Heart

  • Willingness to be open to change and to people with different beliefs
  • The ability to be able to both receive love and sadness in your life
  • Learning from mistakes of the hearts and the ability to grow stronger in oneself

An open heart allows you out and others in

A Heart of Gold

  • Kindness, to do something for someone else for which there is no direct benefit to you
  • Supporting those when they need it even if it is just to listen and not to judge, being there is important
  • Goodness will always win above badness in life –what you demonstrate to others around you is important as its shows who you are – remember you have that choice

A kind Heart is above the price of rubies

One’s Heart Blood

  • From your heart you receive strength and courage to take action accept change and stand up for what is right in your life
  • Giving your hearts blood to someone is the most previous place you can give blood from within your body, it demonstrates strong commitment
  • Pure love for yourself and others

With every heart beat we grow in life towards a new life

Heart of the Matter

  • The need to understand the full story or position before you make judgement
  • Looking for the truth and honesty in something or a person
  • Using good reason and common sense in your daily decisions

The more I learn the more I don’t know

Closed Heart

  • Set in your ways without learning or openness to new thinking, allowing a coldness into your life
  • Holding onto anger in your life thus unable to forgive yourself first and then others
  • Resentment and jealousy of others and what you think they may have so much so that you become blind to all that you have in your life

A closed heart are can always be opened – it’s your choice

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