It is said that if you do the same thing each day over a 21 day period it will become a habit. Giving something up like sweets, smoking or taking exercise, doing meditation or what I have done is to blog each day. So writing a blog every day should now be a habit of mine. I have noticed that it has become easier although there were times within the 21 day period I found it difficult to make the time or know what to write, but I succeeded.

I have decided to continue writing and I have also decided from my own experience that when I get emails in each day from the same source, I tend to not open them and leave them for a few days our just deleted them. This I believe defeats my objective so I will continue to write blogs but I will not publish every day in the hope that you will welcome them more when you see them in your email inbox. So as I develop my new site and as I write I will publish. Thank you for following me and please feel free to comment anytime all views welcome – so let’s wait and see.

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    1. Thank you for your comment – keep up your objective to be a teacher in China and focus with determination. Look forward to your comments in the future and thank you for reading my blog

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