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Month: May 2022

The Child Did Ask

What is in this world the child did ask before it entered the world Is this life to be such a terrible task Should I wait longer and not enter this place just now Is it time to show this new world my wonderful face As a new child I feel I would struggle to grow in this place I would be conditioned in things I did not need to know My teen years would be difficult trying to show who I really am I would have to engage and face all my fears In my teen years I would dream how my life should be Yet I would not think and worry how my life would be so cold Suffering in my mind still as this child who needs just to be me Yet this would be the life that I have and would not know why I know what I see now could I not just be me It is not as I have lived now and not as I dream Life is waiting and only giving me a short time to come right now For me this is not my decision when I must go So I must enter this world I do not know

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