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Month: June 2016

I Want to Ride my Bicycle

I have been asked to post this on my blog website from my Facebook page. ALERT Some fecker(s) stole my bicycle from outside the Train Station (pub) on Thursday night. You may ask what was I doing in a pub on Thursday night, when there was no Euro soccer on TV. Well, it was ½ price wine night. But that is beside the point – my bicycle was taken by some robbing bastard(s). If the fecker(s) needed it to get to the hospital or some other emergency, that is oaky and they can leave it back including the lock and basket on the front,the bear bell and all other attachment like the wheels, peddles, chain and 7 gears. Bicycle Detail – Sorry No Picture. The bike is black in colour with a racing saddle (which I hope saws the bollox off the fecker who stole it). It has a black front basket, a red bear bell and a black “get out of my feckin way” blow horn. If you see it around, it answers to the name of Mel’s Bike. Please knock the bastard off my bike and return it to its rightful owner; me. If you do have a spare bike for sale I may be interest. Keep your eyes peeled.

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