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Month: April 2015

Message from a Hostel – Hot Apple Pie, Ye all?

“I feel it in my waters Nora, something’s amiss here.” “Quit would you and let’s head down to dinner.” “Well glad you all can join us,” said Ms. Patsy. “Alistair if you would like to take a seat over there and Nora if you would like to sit here, I am sure the others will not mind if it gets too crowed at the table.” Alistair and Nora took their seats.  Alistair was on one side of the table and Nora was further down on the other side. The table was set for eight others, yet only Alistair and Nora were seated at this time. “Well, as I said I’m glad you are all here and ready to eat.  I’ll serve our guests first, as you all are regulars here.” “Shall we wait for the others Ms. Patsy?” asked Alistair. “Oh stop being funny with that crazy accent of yours, they are all here.” “Will you be wanting your usual helping Mr. Cassidy, or will you be saving yourself for my Apple pie?” Alistair again looked around the table as Ms. Patsy served out food to all the other place settings, but he could only see himself and Nora at the table.  Ms. Patsy spoke to each empty place setting before she dished out the food. “Who’s next to you there Nora,” Alistair enquired.  “As I think I have Mr. Cassidy on one side and Roger Rabbit on the other.” “Ms. Patsy may I ask who’s that gentleman at the end of the table.” “Why that’s Mr. William McCarthy Alistair, but we all call him Billy.” “And the nice lady next to him?” “That’s the lovely Miss Oakley” Ms. Patsy headed back into the kitchen. “Nora, she is off her feckin head.  I knew there was something amiss here.” “Alistair, she maybe a wee bit odd, but what of it.  You just chat away to Mr Cassidy and enjoy your dinner, while I have the craic here with Mr. Masterson and Miss Oakley.” Ms. Patsy arrived back offering seconds. “Great to see you are all getting on so well – I can’t hear myself in the kitchen with all the chit chattering going on in here.  Nice to have a full house again.   Before you two arrived it was like talking to myself with this lot.   I’ll be serving the apple pie soon folks, so don’t be stuffing your cake holes with all them lovely grits.” “Holy feck Nora, I knew when I met her first and looked into those eyes of hers – there was nobody driving” Alistair, sure what the feck, the room is okay and the food is good and sure the place is booked out, weren’t we lucky to get a room at all, Nora laughed. “This is only the beginning Nora, most of these guys around the table were notorious outlaws in their day.  Would you listen to me – I’m feckin acknowledging that they are here.” If you can’t beat it Alistair you might as well join in on the craic. “Hot Apple pie ya all,” shouted Ms. Patsy, just as Mossy walked into the room. To be continued….. Photo thanks to

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