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Day: December 23, 2014

Message from a Hostel – Is there a Cockney in Town?

Alistair and Nora walked onto the main street in search of a Shebeen garage.  On the corner of Main Street and Martin Luther King Avenue was a posted sign ‘MJ’ can fix it’ “Look Nora, a garage, let’s see if it’s open,” said Alistair. Nora and Alistair entered the garage court yard to be met by, well what can I say, what was before them stood about seven foot tall with no teeth and groaned a greeting. “My good man would you know if there is a Shebeen mechanic on the premises”, asked Alistair. To which came a groaning sound and something along the lines of “arrrrrrr that woo be me”. “That does not look or sound like a Cockney to me,” said Nora.  “The cockney I know has more charisma and style than this guy”. “Nora we need this man to look at the Shebeen for us.  To see if he can fix the whirring sound and the chugging along bit.” “My good fellow could you have a look at our whirring sound and the chugging along bit in our Shebeen,” asked Alistair. “Where be it parked,” asked the garage man. “It’s just outside town,” replied Alistair. “Let’s be getting there then.  Follow me to my truck.  By the way its fifty bucks just to go look.  If I can fix it on the spot it will be my time plus any parts it needs.  If I have to tow you back to the yard there’s a standard charge and then we can see what needs to be done,” informed the Garage man. Nora climbed into the back of the truck with Alistair.  It was the back of the truck as there was only the driver’s seat in the front cab.  They both sat on some old tool boxes.  “This guy sure knows how to lay out his charges”, said Nora. “Let’s hope it can be fixed on the road” replied Alistair. When they reached the Shebeen, the mechanic started it up and looked for a long while under the bonnet.  With a few shakes of his head and some more groaning sounds he turned to both Nora and Alistair and said.  “This machine is not going anywhere too far too soon.  Looks like her transmission needs attention.  I’ll have to get it back to the yard.  She’ll get there on her own steam, so you can save the towing change.” Alistair drove back to the garage.  When they reached the yard the mechanic took another look and hooked it up to his engine checking system. “The good news is I can fix it, the bad news, I don’t have the part.  The good news, I can get the part in a week, the bad news, it’s very expensive.” “With all this good news, bad news stuff and as it seems we are going to be sticking around a bit, does Mr. good/bad news have a name,” asked Nora. “Mam, they call me ‘Mossy Good News’ around here, but you can call me Mossy, “replied the Garage man. “Well Mossy, guess we better get ordering the part and get things started so we can move on.  If we are going to be here for a week is there a local hotel nearby?” asked Alistair. “Might be more than a week, you could head on over to the hotel El Dorado. Tell Ms Patsy that Mossy sent ya.” To be continued…..

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