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Day: October 8, 2014

Message from a Hostel – We are here?

So this morning I asked Nora, “do we know where we are going today?” “Oh Alistair, does anyone really know where they are going,” she replied. “Feck me, that’s very profound for first thing in the morning,” Alistair replied. “We will just stay on the pink road Alistair,” said Nora. “The pink road Nora?,” Alistair asked. “Well it’s pink on this here map,” she replied. “Great Nora, so it’s straight ahead then. I don’t think we will get to where ever we are going today,” said Alistair. A few hours pass. “Well didn’t we get here,” said Nora “Where?” asked Alistair. “Here on the map, just off the pink road”, said Nora “Great,” said Alistair. “If anyone asks, just tell them we are here.” Thanks to image source -  

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